So, you caught a cold and would rather not take meds. Good for you! But, when you start feeling miserable you would likely wish you had that cold med for relief. Not to worry. Here are three all natural, homemade cold remedies that can help battle your cold. Here they are, directly from my grandmother’s kitchen. Please see medical disclaimer at the end of this post.

You will want to start with a hot cup of tea. There is plenty of tea for sale at the supermarket, but if you do not get the all-natural brands, you might be sipping artificial ingredients you do not want. Ginger has long been known for its healing properties. It is good for digestion, but also great for your cold in the form of hot tea.


Ginger-lime tea:

You will need one lime and a root of ginger you can get at any supermarket. Optional sweetener: honey.

Wash the lime and peel the skin off the middle circumference. Put it in the tea-pot and save the lime. You’ll need it for the next remedy. Grate or cut the ginger in small pieces. You want the ginger juices to come out as the water boils. Grate two table-spoons of ginger. The more of it you put in, the spicier the tea will be. Try this recipe a few times until you find what tastes right for you.

Put the ginger with the lime in a teapot and fill with water. Let the water boil for 5 minutes past boiling point. This will allow the juices from both the lime and the ginger to come out. Serve. Sip unsweetened or add honey. Honey is the most important ingredient for the next remedies and will help a sore throat. Use in moderation. A table-spoon per 8 ounce cup will do. Enjoy!

Honey-lime/lemon for sore throat:

Mix two tea-spoons of honey with the juice of a lime or half a big lemon. Drink this twice a day. It will make your throat feel better and the C-vitamins in the lemon will help you fight the cold.

Ultimate cold-fighting concoction:

If you feel congested or for general health, you might want to make your own ultimate cold remedy. It is packed with anti-oxidants sure to help you feel better and prevent further illness. You will need:

One bunch or red radishes

One bunch of green onions

One big red onion

A bunch of watercress

A quarter cup of honey

You can find all of these ingredients at a local supermarket. Asian markets regularly carry watercress.

Wash and cut all the ingredients in small pieces. Blend with half a cup of water in a blender or food processor. Percolate the blend with a fine strainer. Add another half a cup of water to the percolated juice. Repeat. Mix the juice with the honey and place it in a jar to be refrigerated. You will take this remedy as you would a cold syrup: two to three times a day, three to five tablespoons at a time. This remedy has an acquired taste, but has worked well for me in relieving cold symptoms and preventing catching a cold.

Disclaimer: described in this post are homemade cold remedies, not medical advice. The author of this post is not a doctor or licensed nutritionist and this post is not meant to replace the advice of any physician. Use with discretion and consult a doctor regarding your own individual situation.

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