Literal translation: the thing is, this is a country of stupid people

This phrase became part of the Dominican argot, after Máximo Beras Goico, Dominican psychiatrist and brother of late television personality Freddy Beras Goico, used it in his TV segment “El Psiquiatra en su Hogar” (The Psychiatrist in your Home). During the show, viewers would call in with issues they needed advice on. Máximo often got visibly angry at callers’ “brutishness” and introduced his professional advice with the famed phrase. Do you have footage of Máximo Beras Goico saying this? Reply with a link.

Use: when talking about a third person or someone you don’t know who displays ignorant or unsophisticated behavior. Also used to “explain” superstitious behavior displayed by some Dominicans. 

Tip: Use not recommended, unless you’re Dominican

Esta frase fue popularizada por Máximo Beras Goico, psiquiatra dominicano y hermano del fallecido productor de televisión Freddy Beras Goico. Durante su segmento “El Psiquiatra en su Hogar”, el público llamaba a Máximo con problemas sobre los cuales deseaban consejo profesional. El psiquiatra comúnmente se enojecía ante la “brutalidad” de los participantes, e introducía sus recomendaciones con la famosa frase.

¿Tiene video o audio de Máximo Beras Goico diciendo ésta frase? Conteste con un enlace.

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