Literary translation: “In the absence of bread, cassava bread”. “Casabe” is bread made of grated cassava root (yucca). Yucca root is abundant in Hispaniola island and was a staple of the native Taino inhabitants. Cassava bread is part of the Taino heritage and the recipe, as well as the look of it hasn’t changed much over the years. Here’s a video in Spanish of how Casabe is made in the Dominican Republic.

Meaning: Settle for what you can get. Enjoy what you have if you can’t get what you want. (This is used to refer to food, circumstances, and people).

Significado: Al referirse a comida, circunstancias o personas – confórmese con lo que puede conseguir. Disfrute lo que tiene, si no puede conseguir lo que quiere.

Use: general

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