End all wars: a poem to America. biteslove.com

A war free from government:

arms trafficking, arms manufacturing,

abusing power and position.

No, you’re not America

if you use your toys

to enrich your friends,

driving up their stock.

You’re not America

to use your money

put your soldiers

unprepared, at harm’s way.

I want my money

to go to education and health care.

End it!

End the insanity

that tells anyone

anything good comes out of violence,

and the conflicts

in the Middle East.

End the petty wars

and the seemingly necessary ones too.

Use your energy on something constructive.

Show me you can function in peace.

Show me you have other priorities.

End it.

End the war on peace.

End all wars.

By tuttysan © 2008

End all wars: a poem to America. Photo: Chicago Botanical Garden, IL.

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