After five months of having family over, my husband and I are finally alone with our newborn daughter. You’d think I’d be exclusively preoccupied with her care, but instead, I find myself worrying about other rather mundane things, namely:

Michael Jackson: Why? Why? Why did he have to die so young without getting a chance to come back and offer more of his music, maybe heal his tormented soul a bit? I find myself so saddened by Michael’s death it feels as though I lost a loved one… and I was never really that big a fan. Not that  you had to be one to know a lot of his songs, love his videos and be completely mind-blown by his performing ability. He was simply a god on stage… and then there’s Michael the man who regressed into a little boy’s psyche, was reclusive, scared and vulnerable. His life was both glory and tragedy. The tragedy, not only of his early death, but of his loneliness, sadness and his inability to heal his spirit. A phrase I heard long time ago comes to mind that there is no chemical answer to a spiritual problem. When you have everything Michael accomplished at such an early age, you need to be spiritually grounded or else. Else is what happened to Michael. That beautiful spirit, which was able to transport and elevate through his music, succumbed to the reality of human fragility. I keep thinking this is just wrong. His story. Something doesn’t make sense. A crazy thought crosses my mind that Michael will come back. He’s got to reincarnate as a new person. He needs to come back and do it right this time. Do right by himself. He deserved much more than what he gave himself. He deserved peace, love, happiness… and we deserve another entertainer of his extraordinary caliber, in our lifetime. Oh, and could his father please stop using Michael’s death as a way to promote his ventures? The nerve!

On a lighter note, today I realized that we’ve been nursing some monster weeds until they’ve become four-feet giants, all the while believing they were Echinacea. Hehe… those suckers got so big, I thought they were going to eat me. Landscaping our own home is fun. đŸ™‚

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