Every drop makes a ripple: how your life can impact others. biteslife.com

Every drop makes a ripple: how your life can impact others. biteslife.com

I met a friend for BBQ and wine this evening. I hadn’t seen him much in close to three years. Out of the blue, he mentions how in the brief time he’d met me, he’d learned how to make rice “the right way”; and I considered how I have actually heard that from a few other people before.

While in college, I remember running for Diversity Chair in the student senate. I had actually not made much effort to make many friends up until that point, and I hardly thought anyone was paying attention to the campaign. Then, one day at the supermarket, I ran into this guy I didn’t know who called me by my name. He said “I believe in you and I’m voting for you”. That took me by surprise. I ignored, as I have many times before and since, that people do pay attention, that what I do does matter and that we have more impact in others than we may think at any given time. As I approach another birthday, I am thankful for my life and for any good ripples I’ve caused during my journey. Below the post that got me thinking:

What Would the World Be Like Without You? « Writer Chick Talks

I mean, think about it – how many lives do you touch during the course of your life? How many times have you intervened without giving it a second thought – and possibly saved someone’s life? Stopped someone from doing another harm. Made someone laugh and change their mind about taking some dark course. Encouraged someone so much that they went on to succeed at something they might not have ever tried?

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